How My Chronic Back-Pain Got Disappeared With Physiotherapy?

Today I would like to share an interesting fact with you all. I am 30 years old, and I am into the content-writing field since last six years. I never experienced any health-ailment before, but my profession has made me experience the same. I was horribly suffering from severe lower back aches. My work was getting hampered too much due to this health issue. My profession includes sitting in front of the computer at a stretch of 14 to 15 hours in a day, but at one point in time, I found my body was not allowing it anymore. Visit on

I tried out many remedies and therapies, but they do not fetch me any results. I also call my family’s health-physician to get the best medicines for my back pain. I continued doctor’s pills for almost one-year, but nothing happened. Those medicines were mere pain-killers, and thus I received only temporary relief rather than a permanent one. Moreover, I started facing few side-effects as well due to the continuous intake of those pain-killers like nausea, fatigue, restlessness, and others.
One-day one of my friends told me about physiotherapy. We were discussing our respective health issues. She asked me to start physiotherapies as soon as possible. She took me to the center where she is taking the therapy currently. I immediately decided to join there so that I can get improved results. My instant thought was that there is nothing harm in trying out such a therapy which has got no side-effects.
And moreover, my friend has already received results so I should try it out at least once. My friend got me introduced to her physiotherapist, Mia. She was quite soft-spoken and gentle, and she patiently listened to all my problems. I explained her everything about my profession and the issue which is making me bothered since past few years. During the first day of therapy, she taught me some best sitting postures keeping the back straight.
My back-portion already got very much stiff due to the practice of bad-sitting postures for many years. She showed me few simple hip-movements so that I can get rid of my unwanted back-stiffness. She explained how functional-impairments and internal damages might occur due to back-stiffness. She also helped me to get the best diet-plan so that I can have acute detoxification. Detoxification can assist in the speedy recovery of back-pain trouble.
Trust me I practiced the physiotherapy exercises just for one month continuously, and I got simply amazing results. The activities showed by Mia were very much flexible, and they can be easily practiced at any point in time. Just 30-minute in a day is required for doing these exercises. Slowly, my sleepless-nights due to chronic back pain got disappeared with the constant practicing of these exercises. My hip and lower-belly fats began to go slowly.
My stress-levels got released, and I started to enjoy my life as before. I shared my experience of practicing physiotherapy with my husband. And today both of us are practicing physiotherapy exercises under the guidance of Mia.
Thanks, Mia!!

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